About Us

Founded in April 2020, Rykamia Cards is a Colorado-based small family business offering unique handmade pop up cards -  the gift that will be cherished and kept as a keepsake.

 Vietnam, my birthplace, is never far from my heart, and I’ve always dreamed of introducing the products from my home country to the world. Rykamia’s art takes me back to a trip to Hoi An in 2015, where a street vendor caught my attention with the most beautiful handmade cards. Personal, impeccably crafted and exactly what I had in mind, the card featured the uniqueness of the Hoi An theme. I brought it back to the States as a gift for my friend, and I’m amazed that to this day she features it in her home as a decorative display.

Rykamia combines the names of my daughters, who inspire me every day to strive for my best.